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Zibo Shunbao industry and trade co., LTD.
Contact: Manager Xu
Mobile: 13853325888
Zip Code:255129
Address:Zichuan District of Zibo City, Shandong Province Kunlun town



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    Zibo Shunbao industry and trade co., LTD. is located in Chinese history and culture of the ancient capital , Zichuan king of the world of short stories , Shandong Province, the hometown of Pu Songling , is specialized in producing forklift forks units, with forging , profiles production lines , can produce one ton -8 tons of various forklift forks , the annual production capacity of 40,000 is paid.
    I produced fork over 10 years of history , the company has a stable technology, high-quality professional team and a group of experienced engineers, management personnel can readily provide customers with first-class design and technical support , reliable quality, timely delivery, three bags of products . Users in more than 20 provinces, and the United States, were sold around the world. Users have been well received, production and sales increased significantly every year .
    We adhering to the " technology - Open , excellent service, good faith cooperation and common development " business philosophy. And the pursuit of improving product quality, cost-effective and improve customer service system , innovative development is our goal, so to maintain a good working relationship and good reputation is our aim between the company and customers, welcome new and old customers to visit guidance, business negotiations .